We are excited to announce that our children's classes have begun in person on Sunday mornings @ 9:30am!

BAck to worship

Return to public worship


            In Genesis 4 God asks Cain where his brother is located.  Cain’s response was, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  The truth is, YES, we are our brother’s keeper.   Until there are effective treatments for COVID-19, my brother needs for me to keep my distance from him/her; to wear my mask, and to sanitize my hands.  We know we can trust our Lakeview family to help assure that we do not spread this virus while worshiping together. 


Spanish language worship will be at 9:30 AM and in English language at 11:00 AM. 

We are asking our members and guests to follow some basic guidelines: 

       Temperature will be scanned as we enter the foyer. 

       Mask’s will be worn the entire time.  Masks are available if needed. 

       Seating is distanced, and in family grouping. 

       Hand sanitizer dispensers are located in the foyer and hallways.

       Please maintain social distance as we enter and depart.  Sorry, no hugging yet. 

       Visitors will be asked to comply with the same requirements (bullet points).

       Sanitizing team will clean “touch surfaces” following each service.



According to statistics of the pandemic thus far, 92% of the deaths from the disease have occurred in people age 55 and above. 

With many of these deaths there were other underlying health challenges.    

            Therefore, we are asking that our most vulnerable members continue to worship with us via live video through, sermons/live.



Nursery -1yr available

Children 2yrs and older will need to be seated with their parents during the 11am service.

Same rules for youngsters as for adults. 



 If you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus, or if you are experiencing ANY symptom please stay away for the 14 days.  It is for our brothers and sisters. 



Adult, youth and Children's small group Bible Studies will be in person @ 9:30am for English

  10:45am for Adult Spanish language Bible Study

We will continue to offer the English adult Bible Study Class and Wednesday evening Prayer Meetings via Zoom. 

Contact the church office, for ways to access these meetings. 

our family - your family

The purpose of Lakeview Baptist Church is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all we do, to share His love and message of hope with those in our community, to prepare and equip believers for the work of the ministry through teaching of the Scriptures and to support one another as Christ has commanded.

El propósito de la iglesia Bautista Lakeview es glorificar al Señor Jesucristo en todo lo que hacemos y compartir su amor y su mensaje de esperanza con aquellos en nuestra comunidad, de preparar y equipar a los creyentes para la obra del ministerio a través de la enseñanza de las escrituras y de servir unos a otros como Cristo ha mandado. 

our mission

God desires for all of us to have a life full of love and abundance. This life of meaning, purpose, significance and direction is found by accepting His invitation:

“Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Lakeview Baptist Church exists therefore, to assist you on your journey into God’s very best.

Dios desea que todos nosotros tengamos una vida llena de amor y abundancia. Esta vida de propósito, verdad, significado, y dirección se encuentra en aceptar Su invitación:

Vengan a mí todos ustedes que están cansados y agobiados, y yo les daré descanso. (Mateo 11:28)

Por esta razon es que Lakeview existe para asistirle en su caminar hacia las bondades de Dios.